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The Nomad Concept is a Belgium-based studio practice by architect Amandus VanQuaille, focused on tensile architecture and lightweight structures.

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Textile Architecture Design

The Nomad Concept is an architecture studio specialised in tensile architecture and lightweight structures. We study optimised structures, both aesthetically and structurally.

We craft unique projects globally and also serve as consultants for other architects and engineers in the realm of tensile architecture.

Our aim is to create not just beautiful structures, but sustainable architecture that remains enduringly beautiful through the use of superior materials.

Our work spans three domains: residential, corporate, and public.

Structural Analysis

Our design methodology is founded on solid scientific research, utilising in-house developed computer programs and software to evaluate tensions and displacements in optimised tensile structures. We conduct form-finding and pre-tension calculations, and assess displacements and tensions after the application of external loads like snow and wind, ensuring compliance with Eurocode standards.

Finally, we establish the installation procedure: without meticulous study and expertise, the forces encountered during installation may exceed those during regular operation.

Detailing, Production & Installation

To ensure premier finishing and security, we meticulously tackle every technical detail, from fabric patterning to comprehensive shop drawings. Our designs and plans are carried out with exacting precision, attending to the minutest details.

The Nomad Concept procures only the finest materials worldwide to guarantee optimal security, lasting durability, and a persistent luxury experience.


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The beauty of optimised 'natural' forms

maximise to the minimum

Tensile Architecture is about maximising to the minimum: a maximum of space coverage while minimising material use, effectively enclosing large areas with minimal resources.

This design process results in a natural elegance and aesthetic appeal.

Established in 2000, our firm has been dedicated to crafting exceptional public, corporate, and private architectural spaces that are both invigorating to inhabit and integral to their contexts.

Our success is driven by:

  • A profound love and passion for architectural design and aesthetics.
  • Tradition: In-depth research into historical vernacular architecture, commissioned by the German Research Council.
  • A deep appreciation for nature and natural landscapes, bolstered by substantial field experience.
  • Innovation: a dedication to scientific research, mathematics, and engineering.
  • An unwavering commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship.
  • More than 25 years of thorough and detailed research into materials of lasting quality.

As a full-service firm, The Nomad Concept is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manifest at the end. This is accomplished through meticulous cooperation with every project stakeholder, including consultants, contractors, material suppliers and artisans.

The Nomad Concept offers comprehensive support and expert advice to clients and architects at every phase of a tensile project, encompassing design optimisation, structural engineering, analysis, pattern development, detailing, production, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Nomad Form Finding Software

Design Approach: form-finding

Inspired by humanity and guided by nature, the design of tensile architecture is a study in the elegance of optimised natural forms. In nature, humans stand alone in their excess of material and energy use. Embracing an ecological mindset requires observing and learning from the flawless designs found in nature, regardless of scale, from the microscopic to the monumental. Organic shapes are inherently logical, especially when they are as finely optimised as those found in biological structures.

The Nomad Concept specialises in the creation and computation of optimised organic shapes using proprietary software in the 3D AutoCAD environment. This guarantees seamless integration of the membrane into the overall project and eliminates data transfer errors among construction partners.

Nomad Analysis Software

In-house developed advanced software

The Nomad Concept has developed sophisticated in-house software that operates within AutoCAD to analyze membrane forms in an integrated 3D model of the surrounding architecture. This means we collaborate within the same integrated 3D model as our building partners. Membrane forms are associated with specific tensions and displacements within the membrane structure or grid shell. We determine the form-finding and pre-tension of the system and calculate the tensions or displacements resulting from external loads such as snow and wind loads. Our goal is to construct safe structures that withstand all actions and influences that may occur during their execution and use, in accordance with the Eurocodes.

Nomad Patterning software


Patterning represents a distinctive phase in the design process of tensile fabric structures. During this stage, the three-dimensional surface of the fabric membrane, which is determined through form-finding, is transformed into a two-dimensional cutting pattern for the fabric. This step is crucial for accurately translating the design into a physical structure.

The Nomad Concept has developed specialised software to optimise the width of patterns down to the last millimetre. This innovation results in substantial ecological and economic benefits: minimising raw material (membrane) waste is crucial when utilising high-value materials like PTFE.

Project Realization and Production

In the production of membrane and lightweight structures, we partner with globally recognised companies, distinguished by their robust reputation and comprehensive expertise. The Nomad Concept supervises every installation, guaranteeing a smooth and secure planning experience for our esteemed clients.

© The Nomad Concept - Sail Sculpture above the courtyard of a former monastery in Tongeren, Julianus, Belgium Copyright photography Robert De Wilde
Tongeren Julianus
Tensile structure over the courtyard of a former monastery - Julianus Tongeren (Belgium)
The Nomad Concept - sail above roof terrace Willemstad (Curaçao)
© The Nomad Concept - Sail Sculpture Design for a distinctive roof terrace in Willemstad, Curaçao.
Tensile structure over the courtyard of a 19th century fortress- Fort 4 Mortsel (Belgium)
Rental tensile structure

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  • /the city of Mortsel (Belgium)Mortsel Fort 4
  • /the Province of AntwerpOLT Rivierenhof
  • /PriceWaterhouseCoopersHeadquarters Brussels - courtyard
  • /MicrosoftEBC Business Centre Brussels
  • /De Persgroep PublishingHeadquarters Kobbegem
  • /the city of TongerenTongeren Julianus
  • /village community of Gooikde 'Plosj'
  • /MaFestival : Festival van VlaanderenMusic Festival of Ancient Music
  • /Many private clientsWe NEVER communicate about our private clients

Architect Amandus VanQuaille.

Amandus VanQuaille

Founder - architect - researcher


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The Nomad Concept is a Belgium-based studio practice focused on tensile and lightweight architecture. From our inception in 2000, we have delivered exceptional private, corporate and public projects.
As a full-service firm, The Nomad Concept is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manifest at the end. .

Sail Sculpture Private Villa France
The Nomad Concept - sail above roof terrace Willemstad (Curaçao)
Tongeren Julianus Courtyard

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