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De Prettige Wildernis (Rozebroeken)

Public Park


City of Ghent

Project Description

A dancing and joyful sweeping form: that was the aim to achieve in the middle of a new/old park. By new/old we mean that the park was newly conceived. Instead of designing a formalist garden or park,  the landscape architects (Fris in het Landschap) preserved the adventurous feeling of this uncultivated ‘wasteland’, with interesting biotopes, afforested area and wet landscape features. The great virtue of this natural park is that the landscape architect wanted to minimise his own contribution to the surrounding, just adding ‘value’ with well-thought paths (no ‘lanes’), simple natural toys for children stimulating fantasy, and a durable canopy.

At that time, the ‘wasteland’ was situated behind a football stadium at the outskirts of Ghent. To say it flatly: an area that was regarded upon as ‘poor’, inhabited by ‘immigrants’. Nowadays – nearly 20 years later –  this area is vibrant, maybe one of the most vibrant areas in Ghent. The park has attracted many young families, with children, where all people live together and enjoy the fresh air of this open area.  As the city of Ghent has created new parks around and a public swimming pool (‘Rozebroeken’), this area attracts many people from the centre of the city looking out for some fresh summer vibes.

The canopy is used frequently by the inhabitants around the park area, for feasts, wedding parties, public gatherings and much more. Around summer time many people bring a small barbecue and enjoy the open public space.

Project Date

August 2005
Sail sculpture 'The Pretty Wilderness' - Rozebroeken Ghent
Sail sculpture 'The Pretty Wilderness' - Rozebroeken Ghent
Sail sculpture 'The Pretty Wilderness' - Rozebroeken Ghent

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