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Private project in Belgium

very effective outdoor sun protection with a longevity of more than 25 years

Project Description

The house, designed by architect, is a beautiful example of qualitative Belgian architecture. The villa has open views to nice gardens. However, the open glazed facade heats the villa intensively. The tensile sail brings a solution by blocking the sun preventing the sun heating up the interior. Simultaneously, the open views towards the outdoors are intact. Exterior sun blinds or exterior sun screens would block the view partially or completely. 

The tensile sail covers not only the windows, but also the terrace; preventing the terrace of being heated up during the day and giving it’s warmth in the evening by radiation. As the terrace is covered with a very delicate and very translucent textile in PTFE, it does not take away the light from the interior. That is exactly the quality of this terrace sail: it blocks the sun, without taking away the light. The infrared and UV-rays are blocked or absorbed, while the visible light waves are transmitted. 



Private client

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