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Private project terrace

An additional room outdoors

Seasonal sun shade

In the former home of Amandus VanQuaille, he created high windows with a height of nearly 5 metres, capturing the evening sun at golden hour. 

To protect the home from overheating during summer time, he designed a seasonal sun shade. The organic form contrasts to the geometric straight forms of the house (designed in 2000 by Amandus). The sail had to be airy, not covering the windows completely:  above the sail, the sky is visible and the sun is partly allowed in the house to enjoy the golden evening light into the house. Underneath the sail, the garden is fully visible from the interior. That is an important difference to the usual sun blinds and sun protection that hides the garden partly during the most sunny and beautiful period of the year!

Rain shelter

The sun sail is a rain shelter at once. The fabrics used by The Nomad Concept are 100% waterproof and UV-resistant. But they don’t feel like plastic and are not shiny: they feel haptic and cosy, as a normal woven structure. Nonetheless, they are of the highest possible quality in the world, very dirt resistant, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

The fabric can vary from 20% up to 40% light translucency, avoiding a dark interior. 

An additional room outdoors

I really may say that such a sail is a fantastic addition to the house: a seasonal sail of The Nomad Concept is a second room outdoors. From late spring to early autumn, we lived outside. The relaxed family atmosphere under such a design sail is a real luxury.

Coming home in the evening, relaxing with family and friends, enjoying the smell of flowers, fresh air and nice food. If I believe in luxury, it is the luxury of living outdoors.

Key benefits

  • keeps the hot summer sun outside
  • seasonal: easily removable in winter season
  • very light translucent up to 40%
  • rain proof
  • wind proof
  • can be all-season (withstanding snow)


Private home VanQuaille-Cogghe
Sail sculpture by The Nomad Concept - private Design architect Amandus VanQuaille
Sail sculpture by The Nomad Concept - private Design architect Amandus VanQuaille

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The Nomad Concept is a Belgium-based studio practice focused on tensile and lightweight architecture. From our inception in 2000, we have delivered exceptional private, corporate and public projects.
As a full-service firm, The Nomad Concept is present on projects from start to finish, ensuring that the ideas conceived in the beginning with clients are manifest at the end. .

Sail Sculpture Private Villa France
The Nomad Concept - sail above roof terrace Willemstad (Curaçao)
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